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ny professional in good standing who lives or works in New York State, who is considered exceptional by service to the police and or to the local community.  All members pledge to support the police community.

Currently our membership consists of health professionals representing every specialty and sub specialty related to health care, both physical and emotional.   These members are called upon daily by members of the Police force of local, state and national levels to assist in whatever medical, health-related and social needs, with little regard to self remuneration from the police officers, their families, children or families of deceased officers.  All members pledge to support the Police community and their family members.

Member Announcement

If your current ID picture has a blue background, you should have received a 2018 ID.  If you have not received a 2018 ID, please e-mail Dr. Ente.

Applicants should to download a PDF version of the application or request an application by e-mail:

GERALD ENTE, President

MURRAY FULLMAN, Vice President

Member Benefits

One of our membership perks is an accidental death policy for up to $10,000 to any member in good standing who has shared their their Social Security number with us on the application.  One of our member's wife just received a check for $10,000 from this benefit - a milestone for the Lodge.

NEW: The NYSFOP has a new Dental and Vision plan provided through Ameritas. Benefits are now available to our members. For details please access the new State Web site at www.nysfop.org.

If any members have questions regarding the above benefits, or would like to enroll in the dental and/or vision offerings, they can contact our administrative partner FBA of Syosset.  All members have access to FBA through a dedicated member service hotline at 844-322-2367 (844-FBA-2FOP).  We have also set up a dedicated email address at NYSFOP@fbaofsyosset.com.  Members can email the completed applications to this e-mail or they can mail them directly to:
     FBA of Syosset
     100 Quentin Roosevelt Blvd Suite 502
     Garden City, NY 11530
For more information about FBA, please visit their website at www.fbaofsyosset.com.

You can view a copy of our Bylaws and Constitution here.

About our different cards:
The blue card upon which you should type your name is the national card (the same card that the police carry). The Empire State card is the NYS card. Our lodge card is our own: Active = a member of our lodge; Honorary is to be used by family members and friends; Associate indicates that which we are associated with the state.

If you do not have e-mail, write to the address below:


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FOP Surgeons Lodge

To contact us:
NYS Fraternal Order of Police  SA03
P.O. Box 742
Hicksville, NY  11802-0742

Phone : 516 819-0143