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e are an F.O.P. Associate Lodge         
-- one of over 2000 nationally comprised of over 100,000 members who support the greater than 300,000 active F.O.P. members nationally.  We support them financially, spiritually, in any health-related issue and via any other means available.

embers of POLICE SURGEONS' LODGE  SA03 volunteer at NYS Headquarters in Hicksville, attend functions, assist in all matters of health, and answer questions.  Since the tragic events surrounding 9/11, we provide grief counseling as needed.


The request for 2015 dues has been sent.  Mail to Dr. Ente at the address below as soon as possible.   Thanks!

Please e-mail Dr. Ente if you will be attending the October 1, 2014 meeting.   Thanks!

urrently our membership consists of health professionals representing every specialty and sub specialty related to health care, both physical and emotional.   These members are called upon daily by members of the Police force of local, state and national levels to assist in whatever medical, health-related and social needs, with little regard to self remuneration from the police officers, their families, children or families of deceased officers.  All members pledge to support the Police community and their family members.

Charitable Donations:  

The Physician's Surgeons Lodge SA-03 ("FOP Police Surgeon's Lodge") is dedicated to the support of the NYS FOP and to assist those in need, especially those aligned with law enforcement.  Donations are made only to those organizations or groups whose needs are consistent with our mission.  To submit a request online or to download a Request Form, go here.


The 2014 "stuff" has been mailed (2014 photo ID included) and the first dues request for 2015 e-mailed.  If you have not yet received your membership material, you still owe dues.
     We have mailed all Photo ID's, wallet ID's, stickers and shields.  If you have not received your 2014 Photo ID with your membership material, it means that NYS does not have your photo in the system.  So e-mail a head shot with a light colored background (not red or black) to entedoc@aol.com.  If you have not yet received your material, contact Dr. Ente as soon as possible.
     SAVE the DATE!  Our next meeting is on Wednesday night, October 1, 2014, at the Westbury Manor from 6:30 PM to 9 PM.
    Jerry Ente, MD

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FOP Surgeons Lodge

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Fraternal Order of Police   
Police Surgeon's Lodge SA03
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